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Quick while he's sleeping

Posted on: Thursday, 22 September 2005 @ 9:44am
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

I've had queries from [info]daharja and [info]redstarma as to how the gummyshark is doing so here's a quickie while he's asleep ;)

He's crawling like a pro now, I have this photo which I need to put up of him finding out that a chair with wheels can be pushed around the floor, and better yet he can walk around the floor while pushing this wheelie chair. He pushed it up to me and grinned quite proudly :)

One visit to the Myer change room in Freo found a couple of 1yos in there playing, they both could walk but dropped back to crawling when they realised Tao couldn't (how cute XD). The little girl also came up and pashed him. 9mo and already attracting the girls ;)

I got commended in a shop while grocery shopping on still carrying him in the sling by a mother with a 2wo in a baby born carrier.

The second pair of top incisors seem to be coming through, he's not entirely his usual happy self though he's trying.

He insisted on peeing standing up yesterday after his shower. Unfortunately it was onto his towel on the change table, but the idea is there ;)

Erm. Can't think of anything more right now and he's decided he's going to wake up. On the one hand I'm sympathetic coz of the teething, on the other hand if he spends another day taking frequent 10min naps I'm going to be annoyed, those days when he does that are tiring and there's been a few too many of them in too short a span of time.

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