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More updates coz there hasn't been any for a while

Posted on: Thursday, 1 September 2005 @ 4:24pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Tao is officially crawling. I tried to get a photo but it just failed to capture the moment. He'd been working quite hard on it the last couple of days, practising getting his coordination down, and he had managed to accidentally move forward, and plenty more times because it hadn't occurred to him to move his hands while his legs were pressing forwards, he fell flat on his face.

After a hard day at uni (Josh had meetings, I went along with my own agenda), we got back home, Tao woke up, I suggested he put him on the ground. We gave Tiny a piece of paper to play with, Josh put him a fair way back from it. Concentrating really hard, Tao crawled over to the piece of paper and triumphantly proceeded to squash it. He loves crinkling paper. Think he just likes the sound it makes, though it's making me wonder what will happen if I give him some crayons. Yeh he might eat it but he doesn't seem as inclined to stuff things into his mouth as I thought he would be, especially with the whole teething thing.

Speaking of teething, he has both top teeth poking through his gums, and is eating more things, although still not eating a huge quantity of anything except mash, and even then he still doesn't eat a lot.

The vege garden is doing well, the dog hasn't dug too many holes. Still need to do a bit more work on the garden to get it to look nice and make a nice spot for Tao to run around on when he gets around to walking (which he can do with support by the way). Am really glad that warmer weather is coming, will be able to give the crawlinator some nudiebum time outside :)

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