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Who needs natural food anyway?

Posted on: Saturday, 13 August 2005 @ 11:28pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Something I vented into the Venting Spot at AltBaby. The CMS is a buggy as piece of crap and wigged out (must be cron time) so I figured I may as well cross post here while waiting to see if it actually went through or not :)

I was at the vet the other day collecting Ghost from his stay at the hospital removing a complicated double abscess, and flicking through a Pet of the Year book. There were ads in it as you'd expect and there was some pet food company pushing feeding of raw meat for good health as a myth, and suggesting it may even be dangerous because their food is a perfect nutritional blend and the feeding of raw meat could lead to nutrional imbalances.

I didn't think flinging the book at the wall as hard as I could would go down too well at the vet, and anyway I couldn't get much power behind it coz I had Tiny in one arm.

So after we had taken Ghostie home and got him settled I quietly seethed about the bullshit being spouted by everything. I don't think I have a problem with pet food, biscuits are a handy thing for when I don't have bones or forget to take some out of the freezer for their breakfast. But it really REALLY shits me when they try to tell me that their canned crap is better for my dog and my cats than their natural diet is.

I don't see any friggin lions and tigets chowing down on Purina SuperLaxative Shiny Coat maker or whatever the hell it is, and as long as they are getting enough food and not being interfered with they look perfectly fine to me. And I trust aeons of evolution over a bunch of pompous fucktard humans thinking they are the shit because they can manipulate the environment and synthesise a few proteins.

Hello? Canned fruits and vegetables? Sure they have some nutritional value and are great if you can't get the real deal but goddamn the real deal tastes better and is better for you. This is common knowledge unless you're one of those stupid people with this weird concept that if it comes prepackaged it's better for you or cleaner or something. There is no help for those kind of people I don't think.

I developed this conspiracy theory that arsehole vets are paid off by pet food companies (but not ours because they're cool).

It led me on to being pissed off about the whole formula thing as well. I have no problem with formula. It's great for those people that can't breastfeed for whatever reason. But being pushed as better than breastmilk shits me to tears and makes me want to remove the ability of anyone who promotes it from contributing to the gene pool. Mammals have spent however long they have spent evolving a system to deliver a perfectly nutrionally balanced food FREE OF FUCKING CHARGE and some pathetic little human with less than a hundred years of pissfarting around in a lab comes along trying to say that they have the better product. Does not gel. They are too stupid and no longer exist as far as I'm concerned.

And I've long held a conspiracy theory that doctors are paid off by formula companies. Why else would so many of them be so quick to push uncertain, support-requiring mothers into feeding their babies formula? One would presume they studied the human body for the privilege of being able to become a doctor, you would think they would know the very basics of nutritional requirements.

And now we get on to this Supernanny and the Nanny 911 etc that it's spawned, along with Yet More of Those Godawful How to Beat Your Kids into Submission books. Occasionally she might come up with something worthwhile but the amount of shit that emits from that bitch's mouth makes trying to find the gems completely not worthwhile. How the hell do you pack so much bullshit into one person? The more stupid people I encounter or hear about with each passing day the more I try not to think about this question because it's one of the few things that seriously messes with me. I'm really sorry to come crashing in on your delusions but HUMANS ARE ANIMALS! THEY HAVE INSTINCTS FOR A REASON!

I'm at a point where every time someone questions me about the co-sleeping and the future homeschooling (specially the latter) I've been coming up with "This feels right" in a very conversation-is-ending-now tone or "It may have been done that way for ages but that doesn't necessarily make it right". Been some interesting conversations surrounding communism, slavery, religion (which I usually try to avoid because it's one of those overly sensitive issues that people get too passionate about) and evolution from that last one.

At least no one's crossed me about the whole breastfeeding thing yet. Could be the fact that if looks could castrate anyone within line of sight would lose their ability to contribute to the gene pool.

Hn, with some people that might not be such a bad thing. Like me, I hope Tao is even-tempered like his dad, this world needs less psychotic angry people and more intelligent ones.

Well there's my rant for the year (hopefully), apologies if it offended anyone (for those that actually made it through).

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