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Strawberries, steps and sweet talk

Posted on: Sunday, 7 August 2005 @ 9:28pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]


We took Tao to the markets, went to the stall we always go to. The stall people there love him, and one of the ladies gave him a strawberry. I bit the bottom off it and he noticed me eating it, so opened his mouth and leaned forward. I held it out for him and he got into chewing on it.

We wandered around the markets with me holding the strawberry and him holding onto my hand, chewing on this strawberry. It was cold so probably nice on his teething gums. It was a decent sized strawberry, about THIS big *holds up finger and thumb* :P Yes. Decent size. People were commenting on the size of this strawberry. He ate half of it. We walked up the other end of the markets to buy meat and fish, then returned to collect our vegetables. On the way back he seemed to have lost interest in the strawberry, so I decided to finish it off. He saw me eating it and decided he was interested in it again.

I'd neatened up the eaten edge with my teeth (he'd left mush coz he only has two teeth), and he bit into it and made his own cute little bite mark with his two cute little tooths. I think I melted at the sight of the bite mark. Yeh I know I suck.

I ended up finishing the strawberry and throwing the stalk away. Now I know what to give him as a snack, once I get a bib on him. Might have to put a bib on him to trek to the markets as well seeing as they keep trying to give him fruit every week :)


Rightio, Tao can't actually crawl properly, though he started early being the impatient little baby that he is. He can sort of squirm around when he puts his mind to it, but he's more interested in trying to walk. He's already knocked his head once on the floor coz he stiffened up while falling backwards instead of just sitting. He hangs onto things and he's taken a few tottering steps clinging to my hands. He has sads if he gets put on his tummy when he wants to walk and he can't get himself into and out of sitting even though he sits fine, which means he can't sit up to pull himself up even though he has a lot of pulling power. Talk about impatient, sounds like he's going to be like both his parents o_O

Ehh he'll get there however :)


Bubbi's figured out how to whisper :) It's the cutest thing listening to him whispering "teh teh teh teh teh teh teh". After changing his nappy for the second time (seems like the bloody rare steak I had for dinner gave him the runs) we had a whispering conversation. He never fails to amaze me, but I'm biased when I think that he is the cutest baby in the world.

It's also the end of an era so to speak for us, we have officially turned his car seat around. He was starting to get a bit long to remain rearward facing. And we figured seeing as he has a pretty strong neck and can sit unassisted (til he decides to attempt to go somewhere and flops over).

If I seem somewhat disjointed it's coz there's some weird fluff on TV, and I know for a fact that TV damages brains coz I can feel my IQ dropping a few notches as it progresses. Considering I don't have much to begin with this is A Very Bad Thing.

Nyeh :)

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