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Sippy cup

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 August 2005 @ 10:50pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

We went out to buy Tao some new clothes today (again...I have yet to sort through more stuff that we got given to see if he can actually fit any of it). Got him a couple of shirts and some new Bonds suits but haven't yet bothered to get him more long pants as the weather is slowly warming up.

He's taken to sitting facing forward quite happily though for some reason he is occasionally throwing sads when put in his car seat. I have no idea why.

He had a bit of egg yolk for breakfast this morning along with a cup of water and after spilling most of the water on himself we decided to get him a sippy cup as well.

We went out and got more pet meat. Ads trying to claim formula is better than breast milk piss me off, as do pet food companies that try to claim that their food is optimally nutritionally balanced and that it's a myth that dogs and cats need raw meat for health. Yeh. Canned vegetables or fresh? If you pick the former there is no help for you and you now no longer exist ;)

After dropping the meat home we went clothes shopping and food shopping, I wanted a drink so we got a mango smoothie from Boost. I was having a giggle at the "99% fat free" things everything likes to slap on. Fruit has no fat and yoghurt is all of maybe 3% fat so they're not getting much from claiming to be so fat free. The stuff was tasty as and thick enough for the straw to stand up in all by itself, and Tao saw us drinking it and he wanted some. I tried to teach him how to use a straw but his sucking motion is slightly different from ours so all he managed to do was shut the straw. So I tipped some into his mouth and he gave me this look as this cold mouthful went into his mouth. Didn't stop him from asking for more at the most inopportune times, like when the trolley was in the way of everything :)

I couldn't find any sippy cups at Action, and I seriously felt like torching the ENTIRE LENGTH OF SHELVING worth of disposable nappies. I suppose those things have their place. And burning them isn't exactly great for the environment either. Ahem. We stopped by the pharmacy on the way out and they had some garishly coloured Tommee Tippee sippy cups, so I got one of the slightly less garish ones (it's kinda green, lime green, but at least it's not fluro yellow and orange).

He tried it out when we got home, he wanted some of the water I was drinking so I put some into his cup and he had a go at it. Think he drank some too.

Some of the underwear in this underwear ad on TV is terrifying.

I should go and feed the cats and dog now.

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