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Posted on: Saturday, 20 August 2005 @ 6:27pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

So Tao and I were chilling out on the futon, when Malki came along to join us. I reached over and patted her, eliciting a whole string of purrs, standard oeprating procedure. Tao looked over at her, then reached over and touched her nose ET style and said quite clearly "cat" (with a soft "t").

I blinked. Then said "Yes, Malki's a cat. Clever boy." He smiled cutely again and refused to say it again.

I'm getting more use out of that sling that Sam (samandthree from AB) sent me, still been needing Josh's help to tie Tao onto me but it's so comfortable to wear. I carried him around at the footy yesterday (go the mighty Dockers!) and he was looking cute as in his little Freo shirt over his green Bonds suit and his little brown knitted beanni. Toting him from the car to the stadium and back was a lot easier in the back sling than in the ring sling, though it made talking to him a lot harder. So good for long distance but I still favour the ring sling for short trips and anything that will involve interacting (like shopping).

The boy's top teeths are coming through, both of them. The bottom incisors look so adorable when the gummyshark grins. He's gonna be like Josh I think, he has occasionally refused food he's tried if he doesn't feel like eating but I have yet to see him refuse something he hasn't tried before.

Josh has decided that all the nappies we have are clothies (the terry flats) or BubbaJs (all 7 or so of the fitteds of which only 3 are BubbaJs).

Had a lot of reassurance as well that I'm not completely stupid for wanting to homeschool and for wanting an only child.

Tao seems a bit backwards, he's close to crawling but hasn't quite worked out this forward propulsion thing. He can't pull up, he'd rather whinge at me til I put him on his feet or at least give him a hand to get to his. We went to the health nurse not that long ago and she was pleased with his progress, but said he had to crawl for hand-eye coordination. I've been watching him manipulating small objects including cheese he's shaved off with those small teeth, and I don't think thre's anything wrong with his hand-eye coordination. I don't think he lacks spatial recognition either which is what someone else told me.

I might drop by a few libraries on Monday, had this strange urge to do so recently for no real reason that I can think of.

Also doing yet more reading up on homeschooling.

Looks like we won't be going to Christmas Island at the end of the year due to Josh working. Trying to convince my parents to come up for Tao's birthday. It's a hard ask but hopefully I'll win. Might also do his baptism on his birthday as well, if we can find a nice spot to do it in. The guest list is going to be interesting, thinking immediate family and close friends only for both.

And after a few interruptions (dinner, trading chores for favours with Josh, putting the boy to sleep) I've lost my train of thought, so I'll leave off with the thought that I should post more photos :)

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