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Yet more plans

Posted on: Monday, 13 June 2005 @ 9:35pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

This talking to Josh about less TV (specially when trying to get the boy to sleep) just does not work when Josh insists on watching TV o_O

Going to Christmas Island in something like two weeks. Worked out that we're going to have to utilise our remaining disposables that will fit him (that packet went a long way considering we got it when he was born and almost never got used) a couple of days before we leave and a couple of days before we come back so we can wash and dry all his nappies in preparation for our trip.

Hopefully all the nappies I ordered will be here sometime in the following week.

Josh and I worked out that we are going to try really damn hard to just do the shopping once, maybe twice a week, so big major shops plus fruit and vege and fish shopping at the markets and cut out the small trips that get made intermittently to top up (usually on milk). Josh is hoping to swing a Friday off so we can do a shopping day trip.

I'm also hoping to get the cats eating more meat and vegetables, they're currently scoffing canned tuna every night and it can't be good for their kidneys (they're having tuna in brine). Figured that instead of throwing out the vege bits that we don't use they can go into a container in the fridge til dinner time, then get chopped up really small, boiled in a bit of water, mashed and then the meat added in and mixed around. Hopefully they'll like that and if they don't they can deal. Tuna in brine can go back to being an occasional food, they were only getting that coz Josh preferred that they had it every night than wake him up early in the morning coz they were starving and had refused to eat their dinner.

Need to do stuff with the garden, been hard coz it's been raining. Have to work out backsling, the tie on one I haven't worked out yet and Josh keeps being inconvenient about helping me with it, the ring sling I finally worked out, and both of us are too small to do it. House needs cleaning.

Everything else going pretty good, think I might be settling into some sort of rhythm which is probably a good thing. Might start doing work on my project tracker site as well as tackle the AB site now that I've got time again.

All is well with the world.

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