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Something about men

Posted on: Friday, 17 June 2005 @ 9:01pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

I read somewhere that the difference between men and women is that when women have the flu they say they have a cold and when men have a cold they say they have the flu.

Josh has piked on me (it's 9pm so I guess it's getting close, we do pike somewhere between 10:30 and midnight depending on various factors). I've been trying to take control of the rampant house in general, getting the animals fed at a less obscene hour. Currently catching up with the laundry, folding nappies at the moment and got the normal laundry on, and then the half load of nappies going in and waiting for the other half load tomorrow.

Josh is being all sore and stuff, think his neck and/or shoulder are out of whack which is giving him headaches. We'll ignore the fact that mine have been out for the last two weeks, I've just been ignoring the fact. I'm probably going to do some serious damage to myself.

We'll also ignore the fact that my wrist is still munted. I have no idea what's wrong with it, Josh keeps telling me it's a tendon, I think it feels like bone, though what the problem is I don't know. Anyway theoretically I'm supposed to be resting it, it's not causing problems when typing or drawing, but lifting things or turning it on certain angles causes very sudden very non-likeable pain. It's extremely irritating. But shit happens.

I'm feeling a bit run down right now which is why I'm feeling so hard done by, otherwise it wouldn't matter that he's not feeling well. With Tao and all coz I take care of him most of the time it makes me wonder when I'm allowed to feel run down and want to rest and actually be able to just not do anything. Then of course in the next second I'm feeling guilty for putting my wants ahead of what Tao needs. This mothering thing is a pain in the ass. Yet it's the best thing in the world.

Tao's starting to fuss, guess I'm gonna haveta go get him so Josh can sleep. I've nearly finished my sequence. I may well colour one of them coz it turned out surprisingly good.

Right. Going to get wailing boy.

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