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Food Recognition

posted on: Sunday, 5 June 2005 @ 11:32pm in

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Went to the markets today as we usually do on the weekend to get fruits and vegetables. Tiny (who had a spoonful of yoghurt yesterday) looked around at all the fruits and vegetables and started doing the chewing motion thing. He recognises edible things! I gave him a bit of banana that the owner of the stall we always go to gave us. He gave me that weird not sure if he likes it or not look that he always gives us when we give him something new.

He seems to have stopped commando crawling for now, and is concentrating more on trying to get those cute little toes into his mouth. He’s been staring at his toes for the last couple of months but has only lately been making a concerted effort to get at them :)

We’re heading to Christmas Island on the 25th, visiting the grandparents (my parents).

Erm. I’m getting distracted by crap on TV plus am tired so brain is all over the place. Must be bedtime. *goes to join Tiny and wait for JJ*