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posted on: Wednesday, 11 May 2005 @ 11:33pm in

Quick updates while Tiny is asleep and just before I try to get on with a bit of work before going to bed myself:

  • he’s rolling over front to back both ways (hasn’t worked out how to go from back to front yet)
  • he commando-crawled forwards a little bit
  • he likes being tossed up and down (well he likes the motion of being lifted up and dropped semi-rapidly, but he’s not tossed)
  • he’s 8kg or so

There was probably a whole pile of stuff that I wanted to write about but completely unsurprisingly they have all decided to run away and join the navy (or something equally drastic). Should try writing things down when I think of them rather than trying to cram it into my brain along with the rest of stuff I’m trying to think about :)