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posted on: Wednesday, 25 May 2005 @ 10:57pm

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Bought Tiny a bowl and spoon set today. I thought it was blue and purple but it looks more like pink. Goddammit I hate pink. Least it’s not Barbie pink. I’d have to hunt down whoever manufactured it and shove it down their throat.

Anyways. It’s one of those deals that changes colour if the food is too hot, and it has a nice soft rubbery spoon bit (the handle of which is moulded plastic). So we were having leftovers for dinner and we’d set up Tiny in his high chair with his new bowl and spoon and his cup. I think he’s still a bit small for the high chair we got, he just looked at the bowl and spoon, then at us. He started making chewing motions as we ate, and I tried to encourage him to play with the bowl and spoon by offering him the spoon.

He opened his mouth when the spoon drew close, and chewed on it when I put it into his mouth.

JJ commented on how he seemed to know what to do with it.

I repeated the process a couple of times, getting him to chew on the spoon, and in between “mouthfuls” I dipped the spoon into the bowl. Then I had a “brilliant” idea and put a grain of rice on the tip of the spoon and offered it again. Tiny opened his mouth as he had previously, but this time got the grain of rice as well as the spoon. I was expecting his cute little pointy tongue to shove it back out, which is what happened the last time I accidentally got a lumpy bit of food in the fingertip I was giving him.

He chewed with this shocked expression on his face, staring at me the whole time. He’d eaten the rice grain.

I spent a little while in shock, then said something or other to him about how he had to wait another month because I wasn’t sure if his digestive system was fully up and ready to go yet.

Then fed him another couple of grains of rice to see if the first time had been a fluke.

JJ in the meantime was getting all excited at the thought of giving him grated apples, mashed bananas and the like. I’m anticipating that the first few feedings will probably be extra messy as he checks out whatever it is we start giving him. Still think I’m going to wait til he’s at leasst 6 months before I try giving him something that resembles a meal. Will see what he thinks I guess.