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Continuum Concept

posted on: Saturday, 28 May 2005 @ 10:21pm in

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I finally got around to reading about The Continuum Concept (which I first encountered on the Alternative Baby board but never actually got the chance to read about. My chance came in the form of Tiny fussing, I took him to bed and fed him, and when he didn’t go to sleep I called for Josh to bring in my laptop.

I wasn’t going to be doing any Lightwave work in clumsy fashion sans Wacom, so I read.

I like the Continuum Concept. It put all those weird thoughts I have churning around in my head into something I can explain to other people (I know what I’m thinking about). And happily enough I’ve been doing everything that it was describing, except for the whole 24hr carrying til 6 months thing (I put him down when he’s asleep and on the floor nearby when I’m working, it’s hard having a chunky 8kg 5mo hanging off you when sitting, specially when he’s trying to help :) and nappy freedom (which I am trying, I’m just slow).

I think I should try the whole nappy freedom thing harder. I know when he’s gone, I just need to fine tune me to know when he’s going to go :) JJ however is resistant to the idea for some bizarre reason. I’m either going to have to sit down and talk to him or embark on this one on my own and wait for him to join me.

Wish my wrist would mend, carrying Tiny and changing his nappy is painful. I theoretically should rest it for at least a day. Hah, like that will ever happen.

Ahh well :)

Garden renovations are underway (ie the tree loppers came in and cleared out the trees I wanted them to clear, the stump grinder person is coming around at 11am tomorrow) so now it’s all looking naked. I’ll get out there and prune and sweep up the footpath and try and level the area a bit. our garden is now massive, Tiny is going to have a very cool play area when we’re done :)

Which will hopefully be not too long.