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Tooth bud

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 April 2005 @ 3:10pm
Blatting about

Tiny has a tooth bud just visible under his lower gum. I was wondering why he was wanting to chew on things (more specifically, his hands or my fingers). I asked Mum and she agreed with me that it was a bit too early for him to be teething, and she said sometimes their gums get a bit itchy prematurely so they just birte on things to scratch them in a sense.

I looked in his mouth coz Tiny was delivering massive gummy shark smiles and I thought I saw a hint of white under the gum.

I said to Josh without being any more specific, "I think he has a tooth bud."

Josh looked into Tiny's mouth as our son shot his daddy a massive happy gummy sharp grin complete with laugh and agreed, pointing out the tooth bud which I hadn't pointed out to him.

Could that be a reason for his mysterious fever that he had a few days ago that we put down to he might have caught whatever Josh had?

I've just put him down again to sleep. He didn't go all the way to sleep and on occasion he just breaks out into tears, cries for about three seconds and then goes back to sleep. I'm a bit worried whenever this happens but I can't seem to comfort him, I tried the first couple of times and he doesn't seem comforted. He doesn't seem stressed or in pain so I'm cautiously disregarding it as a quirk.

He can't even crawl properly and he's trying to start teething. Yeesh.

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