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Poor baby :(

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 April 2005 @ 11:51am
Blatting about

Tiny's not feeling well :(

Nothing too serious I don't think, just one of those things. He has a bit of the runs and has been wanting to feed lots. I've been feeding him anywhere between every hour to his usual 3 hours. He spent most of yesterday with me asleep (Josh was an absolute sweetie and skipped all his tutes and things to stay home and take care of us, I was sick as well and completely useless), and getting his nappy changed.

When he was awake Josh put him in his sling and wore him while doing his assignment, Tao alternated between watching what Josh was doing and intently studying his cute little fingers and toes. I wanted to take a photo coz it was so damn cute but was too tired to move.

Then he had a blowout in the sling which made lots more cleaning up for poor Josh (who had dealt with his second metre long poo spray in the bathroom to date...and he just read over my shoulder and exclaimed "METRE long?! It was closer to about two metres!") and so I didn't get the photo. Ahh well.

I'm feeling a lot better if a little drained, Tiny is also a lot better and wanted to make up for all the playtime that he missed yesterday. Because the carpet has been freshly vacuumed I put him down straight on the carpet. He can now lift his head and chest off the ground and is trying REALLY hard to crawl unassisted (I've been "helping" him with the motion every now and again but am leaving him to it for the most part) but can't figure out why he doesn't get anywhere. Might have something to do with the fact that he keeps lifting his legs off the ground.

Read in a book called "The Developing Child" (by Helen Bee, got it out of the Curtin library coz I was bored while waiting for Josh) and it said that babies kick lots before they start crawling. Tao's been going nuts kicking (as opposed to kicking nuts) so I figure we'd better get those baby gates for the laundry and kitchen on the offchance he randomly decides to start being able to crawl.

Yeesh, he's nearly 3.5 months old already o_O

Might not go to parent group thingi tomorrow if I still feel blah and he still feels blah. Will see tomorrow I guess. Problem with me is I can never tell how I'm going to be at a certain point in time. With luck I will be all good soon, donno bout Tiny though.

Damn lack of sleep messing with my immune system. I'm going to go boost it with chicken soup (as opposed to more sleep which will probably help but I don't nap well).

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