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I hate Tuesdays

posted on: Tuesday, 19 April 2005 @ 1:00pm

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Thought Tiny was getting better but either it’s Tuesday or he’s gotten worse for today.

Not long after JJ’s car had left the driveway, Tiny (who was down for his morning nap) woke up, had a look around, started crying. I did the usual nappy check, play, and fed after he got really distressed. Checked his nappy again, nothing. He started screaming and I got frustrated not having a clue what he was screaming about therefore no idea what to do about it.

Then he dropped a huge load that soaked through to the blanket he was lying on and the doona we cover him with. So they’re both going to need washing, although there’s a half load of nappies soaking in the washing machine right now and then a load of laundry to be done. The damage isn’t major, it was just liquid and not even any mark so it’s not critical.

Tiny cried when I left to go wash the nappy after changing him, he cried when I came back and picked him up, he cried when I put him down, cried when I talked to him, cried when I didn’t talk to him. Eventually I took him to bed and fed him there, and he fell asleep.

About half an hour later he was up and crying again. I changed his nappy (which was wet again…not sure whether he’s going for frequently or whether he’s just decided to be a heavy wetter for now), cuddled him, carried him around and he went quiet for a while, so I sat back at the laptop to talk to Sprat. He wasn’t very communicative but he wasn’t screaming either so I thought maybe whatever it was he’s hopefully getting over it. Then he dropped another payload and it went through so quick some of it soaked onto my shirt.

No drama, I took him to the bathroom, stripped off my shirt, changed his nappy. This load was the same size and consistency as the first one (which had been huge). He was quiet again when I changed him, quiet when I went out to wash the nappy off, and started screaming when I came back. Once again I walked around cuddling him and trying to whisper but the whispering didn’t do jack until I mentally shook myself and made myself calm down. Then it helped a little. I ended up taking him back to bed and feeding him again, he went back to sleep. I tucked him up under the doona and hurried off to make myself lunch (dim sims, waiting on them to finish steaming).

Mum maintains that I should be giving him cooled boiled water rather than feeding him all the time. I don’t think I should be giving him anything other than breast milk til he’s started solids. Besides the last time I tried to give him a bottle of cooled boiled water he chucked a huge sad and refused it, and kept screaming til I gave him a boob (was the one with the cracked nipple…so it hurt…the things I do). Serves me right for researching the composition of breast milk and actually wanting to find things out and know things on occasion rather than always taking people’s words for things o_O

The whole feeding every half hour or so is a bit on the draining side, and his constant crying isn’t helping. He’s not snacking when he feeds either, he’s having full 15-20min feeds.

I hope he gets better after a few more naps. Josh is out til 6:30 or so tonight and I’m not sure if I can cope with a constantly crying, sick baby on my own for the entire day.

Was hoping to get hold of kowren to go winter clothes shopping for Tiny, he doesn’t have a lot in the way of warm clothing. Couldn’t reach her so I guess I’m going tomorrow, possibly with JJ, but either way will have the car. Probably just as well we didn’t go today.

Why the fuck does the government think it needs to monitor what homeschoolers do and why must they still learn the shit the government thinks they should know at the end of the year? Fuck them.

I hope Tiny gets better. And I hope this food is ready soon. I need the extra energy.