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posted on: Friday, 22 April 2005 @ 1:14pm in

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I would like to get that backyard sorted out so Tiny can have some nudiebum time out there (can ignore it if he makes a mess then rather than trying to clean it up in here with the carpets n all). At the moment the grass is in sad little patches and the rest is sand. The rest of the garden is a fricken mess. I got a quote from a guy to clear up the plants we want cleared out for $400. I would ask the parents but they’re paying for our trip to Christmas Island (seeing as Mum really wants to see Tiny…and us of course ;) and the last $400 I spent on Lightwave3D[8]. Money well spent, but the next big thing won’t happen for a while. Sigh.

It’ll look good once the big plants we want out are removed. I don’t know why they were so clustered together in the first place. It used to be an old people’s garden so they had that irritating lantana plants which took us ages (and many itches) to get rid of. There are some big trees which are going, one zombie tree that won’t die, the two big bushes out the front that people like to hide behind when staking out our place (we’re going to replace it with a rosemary bush that’s currently residing in Jared’s garden that he doesn’t want for some bizarre reason), most of the trees in a garden at the back that are taking up a fair whack of space that could be put to a lot better use.

So when I next have the money they’re all going to go. The area that’s cleared out is going to become a play area for Tiny. The big purchase after that will be to get him some outdoor play equipment. Don’t laugh, it will take us that long to get it done and save up :P Once all the annoying plants are gone the other plants will grow a lot better and not be stunted by fierce resource competition. There will be space. I want to plant a vege garden, revive the herb garden/cat sanctuary that we started but stopped due to time and money constraints.

I might actually draw plans this time.

It’ll look good when it’s done. Though anything will look better than what’s out there at the moment ;)