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Cute little prissy face

Posted on: Friday, 8 April 2005 @ 9:45pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Josh is currently feeling bad coz he is torn between wanting to do well at uni and having a LOT of work to do and spending time with his son. I can understand him wanting to do well and am trying really hard to encourage him but at the same time I am prbably not helping by reminding him that unlike uni which can be repeated, Tiny is never going to be this little again. I want him to spend more time with us but time is really hard to come by, and when he is spending time with Tao he is so wrecked and just wants to sleep.

The other codemonkeys keep telling me I need to let Josh get some sleep. I suppose I could take on all the baby duties including the night changes (I'm sure I'll eventually learn to change a nappy by touch, specially if they're the lovely new nappies we bought that the nippas just stick to). The holidays will be wonderful regardless of whether we end up going to Christmas Island or not. If we don't we can tackle the garden and spend some time together. If we do we can hang out with my family and spend some time together. But we need the time together.

I think we just need to be more organised. This is retarded.

In other news, I took a few photos today, although my stupid camera batteries seem to have decided to die again. Stupid rechargables. I guess they do save on buying batteries for a little while. One of the photos I have is one of Tao's prissy face, it's a familiar site I think to all parents of babies and young children. This one isn't that great, nowhere near as good as the mighty prissy face he pulled earlier (when of course I couldn't get at the camera) but it will do until I manage to acquisition a better one ;)

prissy faced baby
Prissy faced boy!

Josh said to him "You're so going to regret this at your 21st" ;)




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