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Mother's Group

posted on: Thursday, 17 March 2005 @ 6:19pm in

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Had the first mother’s group meeting thingami today. It was cool. Out of about 9 or so of us all but one used slings (though I was the only one that was actually using mine, the rest had their babies in prams or arms), all but three breastfed exclusively. I was the only one exclusively using cloth nappies though, there was this lady who used cloth nappies at home but disposables for outings.

While I was there (the meeting was being held at the Leeming CHC) I noticed one of the ladies weighing their baby on the available analogue weighing machine. Another lady followed suit and I thought what the hell and after the last lady had finished I dumped Tiny into the basket on the top of the weighing machine.

The needle climbed.

I blinked.

The first lady that had weighed her baby was standing behind me and confirmed what I wasn’t quite believing.

“Wow six and a half kilos!”

What the hell is in my milk? :)

JJ is officially sold on the fitted nappies, specially when the BubbaJ I was using for that particular outing (considering he’d only just had the nappy change I expected to be fine for a while, in the true nature of babies Tiny confounded me ;) successfully contained one of Tiny’s major poos. It ran all the way down to the elasticised legs and was thwarted.

Needless to say I was quite happy with it :)

We need more fitted nappies. Seven of them I have decided. Seven should serve as well, need maybe 1 or 2 a night and the few times we do go out we are usually out for less than three nappy changes.

Though that child has for some reason been producing a lot more poo than I think his body size suggests that he should be capable of.

Speaking of fitted nappies, Tiny’s swim nappy should be arriving hopefully tomorrow but probably sometime next week.

I think I broke the power point in the laundry (it’s probably a bit overloaded, it has chest freezer, washing machine, dryer and fish pond pump attached to it). I wanted to hang the laundry out but the weather looked a bit dodgy (ie guaranteed fien if I used the dcryer and guaranteed rain if I hung them out on the line) so i stuffed everything into the dryer. I thought I’d better wait for the dryer to finish before I washed the nappy load, but I needed the nappy bucket for the next load (it was quite full). I figured I could just leave them in the washing machine while the dryer was going and start it up when the dryer was finished.

I loaded up all the nappies as per usual, went and washed the Napisan off my hands, came back, poured the remaining water in the bucket down the laundry sink … and must have gone into autopilot from there. Which meant that I would have started the cycle as I walked out. I don’t remember doing it but then again I tend not to remember stuff relegated to body memory.


Hope it can be fixed relatively easily.