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Cloth Nappies!

Posted on: Monday, 14 March 2005 @ 10:09pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Got my order from BubbaJ today :) Two hemp nappies with two inserts and I got a BubbaJ bag too which is cool. I'll be able to use it to cart the floor rug [info]kowren made for Tao out of an old single doona and doona cover of mine. Well she only used half of said doona and doona cover, she has the other half to make her future baby a floor rug ... or whatever else she wants to do with it :)

Because the hemp nappies are approximately $20 a pop (WeeWuns is the only site I know of that has them in BLACK! I'm so getting one :) I'll be collecting them slowly. Josh was extremely reluctant to get them coz of the price factor but I told him that the absorbence factor of the hemp nappies was really good and with some of them we might be able to leave them on for the entire night before it soaked and started to wet Tao which meant that he might be able to get a good night sleep.

He was sold on that and was quite agreeable to my idea of getting seven :) We have two at the moment from BubbaJ, one small and one medium. I anticipate that Tiny will probably grow out of the small in the next couple of months. We're only really going to be using the fitted nappies for outings (keeping in mind the long trip to Christmas Island at the end of this year) and night time, where hopefully there'll be enough absorbancy to carry us through the entire night. Josh would like to be able to sleep all night and I'm cool with brief waking for purposes of feeding :)

Meantime whenever we're at home the terry flats we have are good coz we like folding them for some bizarre reason.

Tiny's been very clingy with Josh lately, he's fine with either of us before Josh goes off to uni, but after Josh is back Tiny will fuss and fuss and nothing I do will calm him down, Josh will take him and he'll calm down immediately. Tonight he was cute, clinging to Josh every time Josh had him.

He also talked to his nanny (my mum), cooing and smiling at the phone when I held it to his ear. I had to take the phone off him twice though, once coz he tried to grab it and chew on it and the other time coz he grabbed the antennae. I think mum enjoyed talking to him though, she said we had to bring him over there coz she missed him.

I'm happily trawling through nappy websites looking at fitted cloth nappies (though I'm only buying hemp ones). What am I coming to ;)

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