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Posted on: Saturday, 12 March 2005 @ 11:38am
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Tao likes this song, he was fussing, I asked him if he'd like to listen to music, what would he like to listen tp, would he like to listen to Guns n Roses? And put this song on. He went into happy state.

Those cloth nappies can contain anything but major blowouts, and we had another one of them. I had Tiny sitting on my lap shortly after he woke up. He must have got that concentrated look on his face that he often gets when he's about to do a massive poo but I missed it as I was trying to get through the last of the things I check each morning (deviantART, one of my online friends had gone a bit nuts, but she always does good work so I didn't mind.

I heard this disgusting sounding wet splotchy fart emanating from the small one, and immediately afterwards a hot liquid sensation on my leg.


Voicing my displeasure I rushed Tao to the bathroom and placed him on the change table, assuring him that I was in no way shape or form annoyed with him, Josh following close behind making sympathetic noises. My green cargoes (which are now stuck permanently as 3/4 coz the zip holder on one side for the third zip-off section has come off)were covered in baby poo. I stripped shirt and bra off and jumped in with pants on to wash all the poo off.

It took a while to make sure my pants were completely poo free, after which I spent a bit more time in the shower sterilising myself. Got changed into new underwear and pants, put old bra and shirt back on, took Tao and went back outside while Josh cleaned up the mess.

Went to sit down at my computer again to finish off some stuff and sat in a puddle of poo. The blowout had gone down that far. I was grossed out, once more told Tao I wasn't mad at him and it wasn't his fault the nappy hadn't contained the explosive poo, dumped him on the futon and went to wash off the pants (again) and washed the skin that had been touched and then put on yet another pair of pants. I found out much to my happiness that I should be able to fit into all my old pants sometime soon.

Came back out, and heard yet another squelchy wet fart from Tao. Both of us sighed, wondering how the hell a small baby could produce so much poo. I went and folded a new nappy and Josh changed him into it. There was only a smidge of poo this time.

Took Tao back out to the futon and played with him a bit, changed his nappy coz he was wet, played more (he has addded the flying game to his repertoire of games he likes), changed him again, observed he was peckish and sleepy so brought him back out onto the futon for lunch and his afternoon nap.

And I've actually managed to get down board checking from 4 hours to 1.5 hours so I'm a lot more organised and can actually do some art stuff now :D

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