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Zara and Starzone

Posted on: Saturday, 3 October 2015 @ 5:06pm

My two characters most likely to get caught up in a rooftop firefight.  A redo of the last piece I did three years ago which I wasn't that thrilled with when I finished it. 

Starzone is closer to her original design this time round mostly to show character evolution.  I was under 17 when I came up with the Biker Mice fan characters so I really can't remember what I was thinking when I decided she could normally wear clubbing gear or have those odd blades of hers.  In roleplays she is usually dressed more like Zara because it's more sensible.

I finally nailed Zara's hair! Unfortunately it looks a lot like mine -_- MARY SUE.  I was of two minds about the plausibility of the head feathers given how many birds have feathers like that on their heads, but there are Crested Eagles and I think they (both Crested Eagles and Zara's head feathers) look cool so they'll probably stay.

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