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What makes you?

Posted on: Thursday, 15 September 2005 @ 8:32am

Gnarus' treasured katana (which is probably just about nodachi sized for him seeing as he's all of 1.4m high) resting on its scabbard, and a pendant he doesn't take off (really, it was a fight to get the still life set up ;))

I can't remember what in the hell I looked up to get the design for the pendant, all I remember is it was off a card (Tarot style card, not greeting card).  If anyone recognises it and can tell me what it's from I would be most appreciative.

i modelled the katana and scabbard off one of the myriad of photos floating around the internet, the pendant off a source I need to relocate.  I'm happy with the pendant and scabbard textures but think I'll rework the katana.  And possibly the red and blue gems in the pendant.

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