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Wallpaper inspired by @jedau's novel A Day in the Clouds, specifically a scene in chapter 9 described thus:

I concentrated my viento on my feet and catapulted myself into the stratosphere. I spun in place, trying to accumulate the heavy winds that blew high above.

Although I made it concentrate in his hands and uplift him with spirally winds partly because it was fun and that's how I'd done the pose originally (because that's what was in my head) and mostly because it's been a while since I read that chapter :S

I was a bit slack with the progress shots as I find Windows very grating to work with (I'm back home on Christmas Island visiting my family so I'm using my Surface Pro 4; gorgeous machine, too bad about the operating system which I loathe).

This was amusingly quicker than I'm used to for these kinds of pieces, there's a lot to be said for one character and simple background XD



jules's picture
c’est super bien fait, ça prend combien de temps pour créer ces images? le logiciel est cher? car je serais interessé de faire des montages pour la promo de ma boite
bek's picture

Merci beaucoup! ^ _ ^ Je pense que celui-ci a pris 5 heures. Le logiciel s'appelle Krita et est gratuit.

(J'utilise Google Traduction)