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Surf's upgoat

posted on: Thursday, 13 July 2017 @ 2:59pm in

@scooter77 is one of the people that started the upgoat thing. He and some other people were in he TeamAus channel talking about surfing. I was streaming and working on the engagement present for @jedau and @randomli.

Surfing upgoats got stuck in my head, and we know what happens when something gets stuck in my head (for those that don’t, if an idea gets stuck in my head, I have to draw/write it to evict it otherwise it’s ridiculously hard to do anything else). Now there is a surfing upgoat on the idea of a wave.

So when I get around to processing and posting the streaming video, bang in the middle of me doing this very serious painting there will suddenly be a break and a rapid upgoat sketch before it goes back to being business as usual ;)