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Strike a Pose!

Posted on: Monday, 12 December 2016 @ 1:52pm

Midnight decided to branch out into more action poses and came up with this pic of her character Dahlilah (link currently goes to a flat wip), apparently fending off some troublemakers who mistook her for a soft target after she had just left training.  So I knocked out a quick sketch of Starzone for her to spar with when I needed a break from doing photobooks.

Haven't yet decided if I want to bring Starzone and co back in the sequel to the collab fanfic Mid and I were doing, and if I do if it should be as adults or their original teenage selves, so Starzi is her 17-19yo original self in this pic as that was easier on my brain.

ps - this is actually a slight upgrade of a very old colouring style from when I did use lines.  I'll average 2-3hrs per sketch if I use it to colour instead of the slapdash style but it looks better.

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