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So my car got broken into the other day...

posted on: Saturday, 28 July 2018 @ 10:45am in

To avoid the incident happening I shouldn’t have stayed for adult gym, but then the kids wouldn’t have gotten the things they got. And I think the only reason we caught him to to begin with was because I was actually in a hurry to leave, usually we all stand around chitchatting for 5-10mins before scattering to the four winds.


Why didn’t you knock the guy out/beat him up?

I had every intention of disabling the guy and then calling the cops. But logic brain kicked in as I was approaching and gave him some warning (“OI!”) and continued grappling with the rest of the brain which was still following through with the original plan when he completely failed to notice I was coming (I wasn’t even being quiet). Eventually logic brain pointed out that because I was that mad, “disabling” could mean “submission pin” or it could mean “is going to end up with a concussion” or it could mean “all the limbs are broken possibly a few times”, and I probably wouldn’t remember at what point that happened, and I don’t have time for the kind of trouble that could get me into.

Fortunately it was just my car. Had there been animals involved, that’s worth getting into all that trouble for.

Are you and the kids okay?

All good ^_^ Everyone else from adult gym was still there, the door had to be unlocked again as we kept running stuff in and out (dustpan and brush to clean up the window frame so that glass shards wouldn’t fly everywhere, a towel to cover up the shattered window that was now in my car) so one was standing guard there, one had called the cops for me and then handed me her phone when they needed to talk to me, and the other two were trying to make the car as safe as they were going to get it in its current state to get me and the kids home, and also trying to clean up the glass (so much freaking glass!) that had fallen into the carpark. 13yo was all amped up and wanted to join me in pounding the guy, 11yo was stressed out by the entire incident and needed a relaxing bath when we got home. All of us took a while to come down and ended up having a late night but we had a cruisy day the following day aside from 11yo’s gymnastics class which was a late one. And I defiantly parked close to the same spot.

Why didn’t your car alarm go off?

Good question. It went off when JJ went out to get the paperwork for insurance and to tell the window repairer he eventually called what make and model the car was, and he did pretty much exactly what the guy that broke in did (reached in through the window, unlock the door, open the door) sans breaking the window. JJ surmises that my car must not like him.

Is everything sorted now?

Car window has been fixed so I’m happy. There’s an incident report but other than that I don’t care about the guy. Unless I catch him again.