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Scale issues

posted on: Tuesday, 02 July 2019 @ 2:10pm in

See what I have to put up with?

See what my poor family have to put up with? XD

I’m having scale issues in both senses of the word. For whatever reason, when importing a model from Blender, it’s microscopic in 3dC. What I did with Red was to just enlarge the model til it was big enough to work on, then send it back, where it was (strangely) way, way, way too big in Blender (I think he was close to 1km high before I resized him). Then it didn’t help that the vertices were apparently somehow too close together for the auto weight mapping so I had to enlarge it again just enough for that to work (because manually weight mapping rigs from the outset is the definition of tedious) and then shrink it agan.

A lot of things were going wrong (things can stuff up if scales aren’t applied) and I think I can mitigate some of the damage doing things this way applying delta scales (I can’t remember precisely what I did now and can’t remember if I wrote about it or not, either way I’m operating off memory because I’m in a quickie break from TINY SCALES and also apparently have to make cheesy pasta).

When I imported the base model to do Zara I tried a method I’d found on the 3dC forum to match 3dC’s scale to Blender’s (because I’m going to be animating in Blender and everything is scaled to the correct size in there). I’m not even sure if it worked in the sculpt room or if it just didn’t give me as many problems in there as the paint room did when I got up to texturing.

Basically I’m working with an insanely tiny brush because 3dC has very stubbornly stuck to its own scale (does the SceneScale thing only apply to the sculpt room or is it just there to give us the delusion that we can change things?) which made fine detail work like this impossible (which as everyone knows takes longer).

So I’m probably going to have to revert to what I was doing before and try to fix it in Blender.

I hate pipelining and I only have three things in mine.