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Posted on: Friday, 26 June 2015 @ 10:04am

No drabble this time round, sorry, brain is occupied with other things :)

So there we were, chatting on Skype, when Midnight21 linked me to a picture on dA which I will not go look for as it was not safe for prudes (there were two guys, one was sitting up reading, the other crled against him, but you couldn't see his head so he could have been doing anything) and said she could imagine Helios and Sunkiss doing that, as Helios would probably enjoy reading his books to Sunkiss (the guy's a decent writer as well as a brilliant artist).  Speaking from experience I then said I could see them snuggled up together with Helios' cat Nutella wedged in the gap where their bodies would meet.  She thought that was cute, and eventually posted a picture of young Helios when he first got Nutella.  I then mentioned that Helios and Sunkiss meet a year after Nutella dies, and she says Helios would probably get more cats, and on the spot invented Cadbury and Twix.  She didn't have any ideas as to how he acquisitioned them to for purposes of my fic he rescues them out of a gutter as soggy, sad kittens while on his way home from art school.  Twix (the one sleeping on Helios' foot) develops a paintbrush fetish and constantly steals paintbrushes.  If Helios can't find one he's looking for, all he has to do is look for Twix's stash in the corner of his wardrobe.  Cadbury (the one draped over Sunkiss' arm) is a lot more chill but gets offended if not involved in snuggles or if you stop patting it.

I do mostly gritty stuff, and even scenes that are supposed to be sweet and cutesy aren't really, and it was less out of my area than the other piece I did of these two, so I shall call it practice (and obviously I need a whole lot more).  There's a billion errors that I didn't spot in the lineart stage and because this was a quick (HAH!) diversion from face rigging I didn't want to do the amount of erasing and redoing fixing them would require.  Sorry :S

I think this group of shifters are quite happy to have finally gotten a story that works, they're getting quite noisy now.  Should probably at least attempt to draw all of my shifter characters and explain a bit about their species as they tend to crop up in pretty much all of my work though quite often as slightly odd background characters which is generally how they like to operate.  There's two fics (one a fanfic, one not) that star two different groups and who knows when they'll be done.

Helios and the cats belong to Midnight21 and are being used with permission.  Sunkiss is mine.


  • Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid (I am completely useless without this thing)
  • Blender (posed my base models, though Sunkiss is 10cm too tall as I forgot to resize it, Helios is the right height this time, and knew I should have mocked in a book, serves me right for deciding to just wing it)
  • Krita
  • Pixelmator (level and resize, Krita can level but preview doesn't seem to work on OSX)


I actually just grabbed these from the other file but they're originally from:

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