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Red WIP - very slowly getting there

3d Coat screenie - sculpt nearly done

Felt like posting a quick screenie as I haven't done a public wip for a while (there's a couple on Patreon that are well before this stage).  Still have to do his wings, hands, feet and tail but am pretty happy with how he turned out.

Because I'm nearing completion I'm getting that post-completion anxiety of IS IT GOOD ENOUGH? HAVE I MISSED ANYTHING? AM I GOING TO HATE IT AS SOON AS I CALL IT DONE?

On the bright side the last thing hasn't happened for a very long time, and as I'm at the point where I haven't felt the need to completely redo all my bases I am reasonably certain that if I find anything I'm unahppy with I should be able to just fix it.

Once I'm done with him I'll sit on the sculpt for a day or so and work on either one of the many 2d pieces begging for attention or start on the pilot (I'm building the characters in order of appearance for each ep) and if I'm still happy with him without having to poke around "fixing" things I'll paint him and rig him.

I'm in a pretty good mood as I'm now ahead of where I stalled last time ^_^


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