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posted on: Thursday, 29 December 2016 @ 5:28pm in

Lord Tsa’run, general, Inquisitor and bodyguard to High Prince Zul’jinn.

Another draw it again, the painfully cringeworthy original was done in 2003 and available for Patreons to laugh at. Redone as a sketch because it was supposed to be quick, but this way of colouring takes a while and is quite enjoyable. At this rate though AU$10 might be a bit of a bargain XD Anyway I probably just wanted to draw these two characters interacting in the original drawing so I have exactly no idea what’s going on here. Drew Tsa’run in the full military uniform and Zul’jinn in more formal gear to show development or something.

Unless I’m doing concept illustrations or commissions I will probably be churning out a lot more of this type of sketch as they’re a lot quicker to do (3-5hrs rather than 15+).

Done in Krita over bases made in Blender.