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Pokemon SI: Before the Race

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 December 2015 @ 8:31am
3d mega-pidgeot and low poly 3d-fyn

Me giving Flashwing a pep talk before the race, or something.  The bird and I are actual size.

I am actually going to get this done before/by the deadline though it will be missing a few things I wanted to include.  I'm going to be reasonably happy with the effort considering I had to make a few things up on the fly (and learned a bit in the process) and had lost a large chunk of time to work on it due to needing to pull some overtime on a paid gig.

No floor as otherwise the wings would be clipping through it.  This was mostly a test to make sure my feather settings would look all right with their current child count at decent settings.  I originally tried for 1000 samples as that's what most people seem to use in final renders but my iMac was struggling a bit with it (and got really, realy hot, don't think 3d rendering was what people had in mind when they designed it) so I knocked a 0 off.  Hoping to finish it soon just in case I do need to leave it rendering for a week for the final.

Technical stuff

  • polygons: 37 187 verts | 34 904 faces | 72 178 tris (according to the Blender stats thingi)
  • render time: 3:16:42.98
  • Cycles | 100 samples | Limited global illumination


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