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Pokemon: I Choose You!

Posted on: Sunday, 20 January 2019 @ 6:09pm

A couple of years ago (eep!) I started doing sketchies of starter pokemon I either chose or would have chosen.  Part of the reason was to keep trying to do this "warm up sketch" idea I kept reading about (it doesn't seem to work for me) and another part was trying to post daily on steem (I failed, and given how tiring it was I started advising especially new artists to make a post schedule if they wanted to maintain some semblance of routine but not to try daily, and given how many people burned out trying I keep advising this).

A comment on the chikorita piece on deviantART recently reminded me that I hadn't finished the series so I decided to continue it.

And bashed out Piplup so fast I thought I better do the rest of them and post them in one post rather than posting several crappy sketchies over the next few days XD

deviantART however is getting them one at a time over the next few days because I can't be bothered combining them into one thing for it.

Gen 1 - Pyxi the Pikachu (original post): my first ever Pokemon game was Yellow which is why Pikachu is my gen1 starter rather than Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle.  Though if I'd actually had a choice I would have taken the Eevee which is still my favourite (tied only with the Eeveelutions XD)

Gen 2 - Chikorita (original post): didn't play but would have picked this one as it's kind of cute.

Gen 3 - Treeko (original post): as above, didn't play but would have picked this one because cute.

Gen 4 - Blue the Piplup: I did actually have this one! I bought Platinum to go along with the bigs' first Pokemon games which were Diamond and Pearl.

Gen 5 - Snape the Snivy: the bigs bought themselves Black and White, and I tried it out without saving.  Was a tough call between Oshawott and Snivy and Snivy ended up winning purely because for whatever reason it reminded me of Snape from the Harry Potter series.

Gen6 - Fennekin: the first (and possibly only) time I picked the fire starter (unlike my sister who always took the fire starters).  Because fennec foxes.

Gen 7 - Rowlet: almost picked the fire starter again here because the basic had the most sensible design of the lot.  But I'm a real sucker for raptors so owl it would be, and I think I like its final form best.

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