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Pixietrix as a pony

Posted on: Wednesday, 10 May 2017 @ 9:26pm
Pixietrix as a pony

Went through the entirety of today tossing around ideas for sketchies while doing the usual things that I do.  Got to the end of the day and 10yo and I had settled in to draw together (well she was drawing, I was 3d-ing) and I mentioned that I didn't have any ideas for my sketchy today and she said "DRAW ME AS A PONY!"

I asked "What's your special talent?"

Of course, it was "GYMNASTICS!" Couldn't be something that would be easier to manage like drawing, of course not :) After trying to work out how I was going to warp the already weird My Little Pony anatomy around gymnastics, I eventually decided on a stag leap, because close enough XD

The pony is in 10yo's gymnastics club colours and the star is from the training leotard.  The sparkles that are on the white/silver bits were a tad nightmare, this was the third attempt and I decided it was going to have to do (because it's a sketch!).  Fortunately she liked it.

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