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Ingress wallpaper: Arkwright

Arkwright the Templar
Process shot
Process shot
Process shot
Process shot

Arkwright is probably one of the nicest people ever.  And he also has single-handedly gadded about making big triangles, clearing swathes of the area and taking down jealousy guarded portals being franticly recharged by multipe people (or at least made everyone waste capsules of power cubes doing so).

The short story of the thought process behind this character goes something like: Arkwright -> someone that builds/designs arks -> like Noah -> Christian mythology -> Knights Templar -> Protoss High Templar.  Though all I took from that were the glowy bluey eyes, I had already decided on doing a badass-coolly-walking-away-from-explosions-in-a-flappy-coat kind of piece.

The lighting was crazy.  But fun.  And insane driving.  But also fun.  Most of the happiness came when I finally got the portals and the xm burst looking how I wanted.  Who would have thought a starfield brush would do the job? Did I mention fun? Well, fun XD