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Happy Silly Season 2022

posted on: Saturday, 31 December 2022 @ 4:29pm in

Alternate title: FREEDOM!

Which is probably what Zara was screaming into the wind.

Don’t do what Zara is doing, it’s very stupid and dangerous.

And Megan’s seatbelt is currently not effective so don’t do that either XD

And the pod windscreens are actually HUDs and Dakarai is looking at a rear view thing but the HUD can only be seen from inside the pod. The HUD is probably also screaming about an unrestrained passenger.

This one is a little bit rushed, and I tried a different sketchy style which is actually pretty fast and loose if I don’t think too hard. Did everything on the same layer so the colours would blend nicely with each other (instead of to transparent like they do when I do my normal a hundred billion layers thing) and to pretty much force myself to do it quickly (because it is a SKETCHY after all), as soon as there are layers I spend the better part of forever staring intently at everything trying to make it perfect and as this one was starting to think about cutting a bit close and I have a number of other things I need to be doing, I decided not to go that route.

I will probably keep developing this method.

This season’s pic was inspired by the road trip we took up to Jurien Bay over Christmas. We were supposed to be on Christmas Island but not knowing when those worthless mandates would be kerbstomped into oblivion meant we couldn’t book flights when we needed to book flights and then it turned out J had accidentally spent too much leave politicianing.

At least we weren’t literally stuck at home this time, and we had a nice small Christmas with the outlaws and some extended family (we went out of sync with the kids’ cousins who were with J’s side of the family last Christmas, and I don’t know how to fix that now).

Hope everyone has had at least a reasonable silly season and a next year that’s at least as good as this year if not much better.