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Happy Silly Season 2019

posted on: Tuesday, 31 December 2019 @ 12:39pm in

I wasn’t sure if I would manage a silly season shenanigans this year but successfully squizzled one in. No story, just Taji and Rei spending silly season at the beach as a lot of people living along the coast of Australia do, and building a sandman because it’s summer.

There was a bit of fun and games with this one as the dull mix brush (from a brushpack I downloaded) was feeling a bit awkward in one of the Krita point updates and I couldn’t work out why. I temporarily replaced it with a wet bristles brush but could not get my brain to cooperate with it. I ended up booting the wet bristles brush out of my popup palette and deciding to use the the basic brush (that I use to colour because it’s therapeutic even though selecting and filling areas would be a lot quicker) to cel shade which I haven’t done for literal decades. It didn’t look terrible.

Taji and Rei building a sandman cel shadow version

And then I did the highlights and remembered why me and cel shading didn’t last long.

Screenshot 20191231 130354

I duplicated the cel layers and attacked them with a soft blender brush like I’d intended to before thinking the cel shading looked all right and was of course amused at seeing the colouring style that initially started me off trying to do lineless.

Screenshot 20191231 130702

I then found and tried my favourite sketch colour brush again and found that perhaps a subsequent point update had gotten it back more or less to how I remember it acting and I just had to make very slight modifications to how I was using it (which was pretty quick). Sprat asked me if I was sure I hadn’t deluded the entire “the brush isn’t working” episode XD It’s now back in its spot on my popup palette and while I technically had tomorrow to do it (silly season for me is Dec 23 - Jan 1) we got there.

I think this is the first time in a while I’ve drawn Taji (last time was in a notebook which meant during a class so…quite a while x_x), Rei has had a slightly more recent piece.

Hope you all had a safe silly season however you wanted to spend it and that next year is good.