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Happy engagement!

Two people in love
light and shadow 3 no overlay
light and shadow 2
light and shadow 1

Engagement present for @jedau and @randomli.

I was going to do my usual little ficlet to go with this one but Jed has something in mind so I don't want to clash, and also I don't actually know Aurelius' wife's name XD (actually up til Jed got attached to him I didn't know a whole lot about him).  They have some cute babies though XP

I was thinking about throwing some text in there but I couldn't think of anything poignant or even intelligent to write, and also realised that I'd have to change the composition if I included text as it would unbalance otherwise. 

ahhahahahahaaa listen to me sound like I know what I'm talking about

So then I thought about putting some clouds in there as they're fun to paint, but had the same problem as with the text and besides which I want them to have cloudless skies together (metaphorically ie a long and happy life).

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marise's picture
Superbe!! Vous avez du talent. Quel logiciel utilisez-vous? Marise de <a href=”http://www.lafacadedurable.fr/“>www.lafacadedurable.fr​</a>
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trop top j’ai essayé de faire un dessin un peu pareille pour faire une <a href=”https://www.labophoto.com/“>coque personnalisée​</a>, mais le tien est plus beau