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Posted on: Thursday, 12 March 2020 @ 10:28pm

Twilight is exasperated about all the stupidity going on with the tron guy.

I was that annoyed that I couldn't concentrate on stuff I was supposed to be doing so I decided to see if there were any cecaelia in AER because if I have dragonfly, butterfly and moth little people (no beetles though, and there are little Avians and Dragonkin, but they're all quite rare) then there are probably octopus and eel mers (the only ones I was aware of were cetaceans and fish).

I ended up with this instead because I guess all that stuff is annoying me more than I think.

The values (are they called values? I don't know most of the things I'm supposed to know, anyway the colour layer is turned off) version looks pretty cool too.  I actually had to mostly work like this because dark character.

exasperated shadowshifter no colour layer

And the brush textures are probably pretty hard to see.  Also turned the water overlays off so you can see what colour it's supposed to be.

Twilight closer to actual colours

Along with the colours that came up in the tail which again were mostly lost in the water overlays.

Twilight tail closeup

The mer eel sea dragon thingi is a morph and the tentacles are extra limbs usually formed as needed or when in attack or defensive mode, Twilight normally looks something like

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That is so awesome. It looks that it was made with passion. You feel colors and fantasy
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  I am amazed by the color and the shape. Your product must be the creation of everyone's dream. 
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These pictures arouse a variety of feelings.
dissertation l… Wednesday, 28 October 2020 @ 6:26pm [Permalink]
You are not wrong by telling that the brush textures are probably pretty hard to see. Overall, the work looks very unusual and you definitely have a sense of beauty. 
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