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Don't look back

Posted on: Monday, 29 January 2018 @ 12:03pm

Blood.  Everywhere.

Blade's hulking form was crumpled in a pool of it.

The initial adrenaline rush, bordering on painful when it had spurred him into panicked, unthinking action, was subsiding now.  Trix clung to the bloodied katana like his life still depended on it, his mind struggling to comprehend the enormity of the situation before him.

They stayed there, the three of them, in a moment that lasted forever.  Trix with the murder weapon.  Blade, the not-so-innocent victim.  Sable, curled up in a corner.

"You fucking idiot! I told you to run!"

Sable only ever screamed at him when he'd done something really stupid, something that really made her mad.  He knew he'd done something unspeakably terrible.

"Trix!" He could feel her shaking him, somewhere far away in the distance.

Blade's dead.

He was seriously up shit creek without a paddle.  Dad was going to absolutely spit it about the katana getting dirty.

"We haveta get outta here."

Sable was a flurry of activity around the timeless dead zone he occupied with their brother's body.  Absently, Trix wiped the blood on the sword off on a non-bloodied patch of Blade's shirt.

I killed him.

Their parents were going to be furious.  He was going to be grounded for the rest of his natural life.  He didn't know what to do.  He hadn't meant to kill him.  He just wanted him to stop hurting Sable.

He jumped when something thudded on the ground beside him.

"Trix."  Sable appeared in his field of vision, crouched down before him.  "We have to go."

There was this weird whimpering sound from somewhere close by.  The katana shifted slightly in his death grip as Sable slid the scabbard back onto it.  A feeling of pressure as it was pushed into his hands, a clicking sound as it latched on.

"Come on."  She picked up the duffel bag she had dumped next to him.  "It's just you and me now."

His mind still wasn't resolving the earlier events.  When she hefted him bodily, tucked under one arm and balanced across one hip, he vaguely remembered that he hated it when she picked him up, because she was only two years older than he was and it wasn't fair that he was so short, and then she dumped him on the ground outside, long enough to lock the door behind them.

Sable grabbed Trix's arm and started striding purposefully down the road.  Trix started to turn, half-expecting Blade's intimidating form to come lumbering after them, to terrorise them again.  A tingle of pain crept through the strange numbness as Sable tugged on his arm.

"Don't look back."  He glanced up at her, glaring staunchly into the darkness of an uncertain future, looking like she was trying not to cry, and followed where she led.


Too.  Many.  Lights.  I'm not actually that happy with how this turned out but it could have been a lot worse.  Can we call it practice? I think that's why I've been doing a ridiculous amount of night shots and dodgy lighting lately XD

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