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Crowd Cameo: mousey smallsteps

posted on: Tuesday, 25 January 2022 @ 6:49pm in

@tarazkp requested a cameo of young @smallsteps as a mouse (because she loves being a mouse).

I don’t have child proportioned bases yet so there was an entertaining round of contorting an adult sized base and then after sketching over in Krita, the transform tool got a good workout.

My butterfly (companion of the upgoat) made a cameo (with different shaped wings).

butterfly closeup

Back to using my favourite sketch shading brush (it’s working how I remember it working again now, guess more changes and improvements have been made to the brush engine), and I’m probably going to use the impasto brush for more backgrounds too, it was a lot of fun.

Tried to go for a shot kind of like something Taraz might take on one of their rambles.

He’s very fortunate that small is nothing like JJ when he was that age. There is a story of how they went picking mulberries and the kids (JJ and younger sibling) were set up in front of the tv with a bucket of mulberries while the parents went to the kitchen to chat. Went back to check on the kids and found out they’d discovered that throwing mulberries into the rapidly spinning ceiling fan was a lot of fun.