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Common confusion

posted on: Thursday, 30 January 2020 @ 5:44pm in

Amusement while I was walking the dog.

When you’re somewhat androgynous, this is a thing that happens frequently. I enjoy it way too much.

Especially when there are small children who are too young to realise some questions are apparently “inappropriate” and flat out ask me “are you a boy or a girl?” and I’ll usually answer something along the lines of it either/or, doesn’t really bother me, depends on the day, or if I’m feeling particularly playful, tell them I’m undecided that day and maybe they could suggest something. It’s even funnier when their parents are around as some of them are absolutely mortified and start apologising profusely (I have to find it funny because otherwise trying to make them understand that I literally don’t care would be frustrating).

Just in case the “hairstyle is cool” panels need explaining, I have mild audio processing issues so if I’m tired/there’s too much noise/I can’t see who’s talking/I wasn’t paying attention to begin with it sometimes takes me a while to work out what was said and while I usually understand what was meant I can’t always repeat verbatim what was actually said. This is why I hate video tutorials and generally don’t do vlogs/podcasts (unless I like you) and don’t do audiobooks. There’s nothing wrong with my actual hearing, apparently it’s better than most people’s (music at a comfortable volume for me is “barely audible” apparently o_O).