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Bricky Steve

posted on: Wednesday, 07 July 2021 @ 4:44pm in

Bricky Steve is 16yo’s friend’s (aka “the other 16yo”) player character, a mage who accidentally created a “perfect brick” (known as “The Ubrick” as they portmanteaud uber brick) and is now on a mission to try and recreate it, and thus developed an obsession with bricks. It’s only us players that seem to call him Bricky Steve, he’s just “Steve” to the other characters.

He lives and works on Captain Gundry’s airship and seeems to be maintenance personnel more than anything (he’s spec’d mental/social/physical) as in the last session he stayed on board with Gundry and Yue while everyone else (including 16yo’s character) raided another ship, and did a lot of magic repairs to the balloon when their ship came under Umbral attack.

He’s also an apprentice to some obscenely high level mage

I was happy to finally get to do a smirky character XD The pose came about because anime and also the children were talking about how they could imagine him in the sterotypical cocky arrogant mage pose (the character is not arrogant but can be cocky), and using the Ubrick as his focus instead of a wand.

This took about a day longer than anticipated as I royally stuffed up the cuffs and straps on the lower sleeves of the jacket and completely failed to notice til a couple of hours after finishing shading and staring at it intently because it looked very wrong. It needed a bit (lot) of rework and looks slightly less broken now.

I am vaguely wanting to 3d everything and animate stuff (with toon shading in anime style of course), because I’m not doing enough of that already x_x