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AER crowd character: BMJbok

posted on: Friday, 16 February 2018 @ 10:33pm in

Alternate title: Basketbok.

Why yes I can actually do portraits in portrait. It just required flipping numbers in my render settings and I am nothing if not incredibly lazy.

Everything that is remotely to do with a springbok now has the suffix -bok. And bmj and jackmiller managed to replace a well known and widely used cuss word with “bok” as well which made for an amusing conversation.

Perhaps I should have done a rugby ball but basketball got stuck in my head as nathanmj is mad keen about it and I vaguely recall bmj saying something about coaching but I don’t know if the two ideas were actually related. I think this guy is almost a treebok and not just because of the horns or the different picture orientation. Reckon he’ll just about stand eye to eye with some of my taller Dragonkin.