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AER Cameo: inuke

Posted on: Sunday, 17 May 2020 @ 9:58pm

Alternate title: I'LL EAT YOUR KNEES.

A line which became the catchcry of a friend's dwarf Shadowrun character after another person was teasing him about being the shortest character in the group.

I feel a need to apologise profusely to @inuke who requested a "wolf man" and then sent me an adorable reference image of himself with a friend's tiny dog.

Which I decided was a Pomeranian (I don't actually know if it was or not).

And then I apparently decided nukey was going to be a cute froofy extremely fierce pomeranian and once I get stuck on an idea that's what has to be done x_x

And that's how nukey became an angry pomeranian (I'm sorry please don't be too mad I'm pretty sure pomeranians are positive they're just mini wolves).

I wouldn't mess with angry pomeranian though, he may be tiny but his bite is definitely a lot worse than his bark XD And also he jumps really high.  So possibly eating knees after kicking skull.

This is going up in lieu of my progblog which I can't finish because it's cloth sim notes and I'm still stuck. 

I'm sorry.

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