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AER Cameo: Beard

Posted on: Wednesday, 28 April 2021 @ 9:06pm

That was literally what @holoz0r asked for.  I'm terrible at facial hair so...

AERverse bearded dragon not a real bearded dragon

I made a bearded dragon x_x

I think it evolved the crazy tail for prey trapping purposes.  Also tried out using the tilted pencil brush as @veryspider apparently liked using it quite a lot.  I can kind of see why but unlike some people I can't draw.

I gave the bearded dragon to cameo holo who is a dropbear (casual observer won't be able to tell unless he shows his teeth or they annoy him) with a beard.  The bearded dragon makes the beard look longer because it likes looping around his neck.

holo dropbear close up

I did want to make cameo holo "clean shaven" and have the bearded dragon provide the beard but couldn't quite get that to work XD

Did I mention I'm terrible at facial hair? x_x and please excuse my inability to draw cameras.

Also tried out a different colouring technique to fake radiosity, kind of worked out okayish but was the opposite of quick.

I remembered at some point while colouring that this base model's legs were too long especially for this character who is supposed to be a bit more on the shorter more solid side (all the better for ramming you into the ground if you make him mad my dear).

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