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February ProgBlog #3: rinse repeat ad nauseum

I've spent an accumulation of 2-5 years redoing various swathes of work (mostly in the 3d department, but there was nearly a year worth of solid script fixing as well) for this project so to say that I am well and truly over it and desperately want a massive chunk of progress is an understatement of truly epic proportions.

But guess what I'm doing again because this


happened in 3d Coat and after failing to sort it out (there were some holes that 3d Coat would fill and otherwise it simply did not know what to do with) I sent the model to Blender to patch the holes.


February ProgBlog #2: look at this beautiful thing!


rainbow keyboard




pixie does not like spiders

13yo really hates spiders.  Even microscopic ones.  "Why do they have to move?" XD

The spider in question in this case was a tiny little thing just visible to the naked eye that was crawling along the esky lid as we were getting ready to go to a barbeque.


February ProgBlog #1: pingpong

On Tuesday I posted this screenie of Zara in showoff pose on ko-fi


and that's where I'm still currently stuck while the next few moves work themselves out in my head.


January ProgBlog #4: fixer uppers

I thought I was pretty much done with Zara aside from wardrobe (which I can build out as I proceed through scripts) when I  remembered that the goggles are an essential piece of kit as she's blind in the light without them.

Then I spent way too long staring at her for a bit before sending a screenie to Sprat asking if the eyes were too far apart.  She confirmed that they were and that I should also maybe move the mouth up a tiny bit.  So I did.

Zara slightly adjusted face


Common confusion

fun that happens when you're somewhat androgynous

Amusement while I was walking the dog. 

When you're somewhat androgynous, this is a thing that happens frequently.  I enjoy it way too much.

Especially when there are small children who are too young to realise some questions are apparently "inappropriate" and flat out ask me "are you a boy or a girl?" and I'll usually answer something along the lines of it either/or, doesn't really bother me, depends on the day, or if I'm feeling particularly playful, tell them I'm undecided that day and maybe they could suggest something.  It's even funnier when their parents are around as some of them are absolutely mortified and start apologising profusely (I have to find it funny because otherwise trying to make them understand that I literally don't care would be frustrating).


The Witchies

Three "witches" dressed in ridiculous anime getup with an oversized cauldron

Once upon a time, not so very long ago in the grand scheme, two of my friends and I got together in a group chat which apparently needed a name, so I called it "witchies" as there was a bit of the Triple Goddess vibe with our respective age gaps, at least partly influenced with how the director portrayed the three witches in a Macbeth I acted in way back at uni.  I said once I felt good enough I was going to draw us all as witchies.

Two years ago (yes you read that right x_x) I felt good enough, and so I started, intending it to be a 2018 Christmas present.  It was a bit of a challenge as I suck at doing real people so kind of vaguely made us all characters with the cute familiars, the oversized witch hats and pixie hoodie, and the ridiculously massive cauldron.


January ProgBlog #3: dark alleyways

Last night was an exercise in frustration.  There was a bunch of chores to finish up, and then all I wanted to do was some art and to hopefully get the progblog knocked out before it got too late.


January ProgBlog #2: shenanigans, shenanigans!

Or: why fyn has a ridiculously comprehensive and detailed head universe.

Like all good stories, it started off innocently enough.  I finished eyebrows and eyelashes and did some super quickie expression tests:


My lights are really close and pretty bright hence the intense reflection, if they're still too reflective under normal lighting conditions I'll have to fiddle with the node a bit more. 

Then it was onto clothes.


October/November/December Homeschooling Miscellany

Everything kind of completely fell apart in October.  12yo had caught everything under the sun in Term 3 and so had missed a fair chunk of it.  At the beginning of Term 4 she continued insisting that she loved school and still wanted to go, but two weeks in I could count on one hand the number of times she had actually gone.  She kept insisting she was "sick" or "too tired" but would always be better just in time for gymnastics.  Things eventually came to a head when we had a massive blowout as I told her if she was really that sick then she was not going to gymnastics so she could recover properly and she told me to pull her out of school so she could go to gym (a threat I'd made a few times previously but hadn't done because I give too many chances).  I tried to get her to be reasonable and told her she could go to gym, and then she had to go to school for the rest of the week.  If she wanted to quit after that she was to tell me on the weekend and I