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AER Cameo: inuke

nukey the anger pom

Alternate title: I'LL EAT YOUR KNEES.

A line which became the catchcry of a friend's dwarf Shadowrun character after another person was teasing him about being the shortest character in the group.

I feel a need to apologise profusely to @inuke who requested a "wolf man" and then sent me an adorable reference image of himself with a friend's tiny dog.

Which I decided was a Pomeranian (I don't actually know if it was or not).

And then I apparently decided nukey was going to be a cute froofy extremely fierce pomeranian and once I get stuck on an idea that's what has to be done x_x

And that's how nukey became an angry pomeranian (I'm sorry please don't be too mad I'm pretty sure pomeranians are positive they're just mini wolves).


May ProgBlog #2: character roll

There's really not a lot of prog to blog as I'm well and truly stuck again.  Very slowly doing the step by step caching physics thing to frame 0 (something keeps going wrong and making me have to start again and it's not fun for anyone) which is exactly what I was doing last week.

@rainite asked me about my characters on Discord and I said I'd done a few and would so a summary post for them, and figured I may as well chuck it in this progblog because it's kind of prog (just over a longer period than a week) rather than making a separate summary post (which feels like cheating because I've posted all of these pics before, if it's in a progblog as a progress thing it feels slightly less like cheating even though it's basically the same thing, see it's this kind of logic that allows people to justify idiocy).



Kitten otter hybrid

Running super late with these cameos just like with everything else, I AM SO SORRY x_x

@artwatch requested a black kitten/otter hybrid that was more kitten than otter.  I immediately dubbed it "kittotten" and did a couple of initial sketchies, erased them all, started on another, and got distracted for literal months.

Yesterday I finally got back to it (I've lost track of days since soft lockdown first started and basically only know when it's a weekday or a weekend, I am trying to remember to check more often x_x) and after a couple more fails which got scrubbed suddenly ended up with something I could work with.

kittotten sketchies


May ProgBlog #1: nothing to see here folks

Not a lot has changed since last week.  I did some experiments with the hair, trying to get some better (or any in the case of some child hairs which I suspect from reading around don't acknowledge physics anyway) collisions with the goggle strap.  None of them were successful, so I complained to my little artbees that I would just have to wait til Blender dropped its hair update.  Then @rainite (who keeps on top of these things unlike some fyns who shall remain nameless) sent a link that indicated that the physics update (which includes hair) will be along later this month so I'll worry about it then (and hopefully will have this one out of the way and be onto the next thing by the time it drops so I can play with it in the next one) and just get it baked (I'm getting stymied by having to manually step through -120 to 0 before I can hit space and do other things while it steps itself th


April ProgBlog #4: so near and yet so far

With money being an annoying thing, I've moved all of my websites to a local server (that's sitting on my desk, it's tiny and adorable), which means it will probably be a bit slower for everyone (though Sprat reckons it's not too bad and the internet isn't the greatest on Christmas Island).  I also finally got colorbox working with help from a module that extends CKEditor's link plugin giving it some "advanced" options like the ability to add classes, so you, dear reader, will now be able to click on images to make them much moar biggerer (assuming of course I remember to actually do the extra step to make them so ^_^;).  Unfortunately it doesn't work retroactively so it will only be posts from this one onward.


April ProgBlog #3: the sleeve bone's connected to the...

Actually the clothes bones aren't connected to anything.

I had one more go with playing with lattices and bonevelopes for the croptop rig, and then went back to the straight bonevelope rig and added a few more bones and made all the bones smaller and with smaller envelopes, as I had a lot more control over the shape and the twists of those annoying little shoulder straps with the bonevelope rig.  It's holding shape a bit better.


April ProgBlog #2: the sleeps are borked

For once I actually had a good reason about not getting the progblog done on the Friday.  13yo and I spent the entire day making a sign for a birthday driveby.  Saturday was the actual driveby and because I'm really smart and hate driving I decided I would rather hike it in 39C because that's how much I hate driving (it was just down the road).  That coupled with drifting back into habits that I've had since childhood that not even 12 years of strict bedtimes and wake up times and attempts that always fail despite people screaming at me that it absolutely is just a bad habit and I'm just not trying hard enough, I quite simply work much, much better at night.


January/February/March Homeschooling Miscellany

If you know that I only clump months if at least one of them has been quiet/lazy what does this tell you? XD

I also did it at the end of last year I hope that didn't set a precedent >_>


April ProgBlog #1

Guess I better blog the prog even though I don't feel like there's a lot of it ^_^;

After naffing about yet again with various configurations of bones and lattices and constantly stressing about how I want the bloody end result to look (including whether or not I wanted loose hair to be combed and only wind affected or soft bodied like styled hair will have to be and "have to" is loose because I currently only know one way of styling hair in a fashion I can control), I tried cloth dynamics again with a much higher density and slightly more squarish mesh (and also fixed the mess the pants mesh was, I didn't realise it had borked badly as I usually look at things like how the screenshots are and without the wireframe lines) and it's kind of working now.

I had this problem where it would puff up like so and I could not for the life of me figure out why.


March ProgBlog #3: did it work?

I think almost everything where people might gather has pretty much been shut down thanks to dumbarse virus, so we're just at home now aside from when we go out to "exercise" (which is to say the bigs and I aren't really doing much and J is taking youngest skating every day).  I thought an upside would be that I would have more time to work but that has yet to happen.  A lot of it has been to do with staggering around trying to find a new normal, as I don't think we're fully in lockdown so we can still go out, they just want a lot of social distancing so I need to find places that are far enough away from other people to take the kids that I can also drive to without further destroying the problem shoulder, which means we might need to just wait for J and do it over a weekend or have him switch up a work day or something if that's a possibility.  There are some nice bushwalks we could go on but it would just be with the boys as middle child hates bushwalking.